Affordable Legal Group, Inc.

A Non-Profit Law Firm Charging Income Based Fees

Affordable Legal Group is a law firm whose mission is to expand access to legal services for those with moderate income. We are a non-profit that charges for its services, but we’ve adopted a pricing structure that is fair and affordable. As an organization we do not serve the market traditionally served by legal aid, nor are we a high priced firm courting clients at expensive luncheons.

How Are We Different?

Income Based Hourly Rates

Instead of charging a high hourly rate for all our clients, we set a reasonable fee based on your income and household size.

We also offer flat fee arrangements, limited scope representation, and online document preparation services.

We Are a Non-Profit, But We Charge For Our Services

Unlike legal aid, we do not provide free services. There are multiple legal aid organizations currently providing excellent assistance to qualifying individuals and families. These organizations survive on grants and donations, and typically do not charge for their services.

Affordable Legal Group does not apply for or accept grants or government subsidies. Applying for these types of funds is time consuming, and often they are not a reliable long-term resource. This is because multiple organizations compete for the funds, and often the amounts and durations are subject to change for political reasons. Acceptance of grant money also subjects the organization to reporting requirements, which can be burdensome. Further, grants often place non-monetary restrictions on the types of clients the organization can accept.